Sunday, 11 September 2005

i need a hug hehe

this is going to be a short entry .. i just don't want anyone thinking i've dropped off the face of the planet
i woke up friday morning with the chills again .. by 11 am my temp had risen to 103 degrees (again) .. a call to my oncologists office and of course they want me to head back down to the emergency room
if i recall correctly, i think i said "forgetaboutit" .. and i asked for an alternative .. i reminded them that all my tests are clear .. i have nothing that can be "fixed" by going back to the hospital .. i am still on antibiotics .. i (obviously) have a viral infection .. they agreed that i probably have the flu, and recommend bed rest, liquids and tylenol flu medicine .. and extracted a promise from me to rush off to the emergency room if my fever exceeds 101.5 degrees while taking the tylenol
i've been a "good patient" (more or less) and i've been in bed since friday morning .. i was feeling better this morning so i finally got some office work done (yes .. i've been feeling pressured from the emails from my boss asking when this and that are finally gonna be done) and then started feeling feverish again so i climbed back into bed again
i've tied a knot on to the end of my rope and i'm hanging on ..
hopefully i'll be laughing a year from now about how ironic it was that i got the flu during my "2 week vacation from chemo" .. but right now, i'm more than a bit cranky .. ok, a LOT cranky
and if you read this Sheila .. i received in the mail the 3 beautiful hand knitted hats you surprised me with yesterday .. i will definitely show them off in my journal when i don't feel so crappy (and a huge thanks to my mailman for bringing them too my door cause i just didn't have the energy to go check my mail yesterday)

i'm going back to bed now .. grrrrrrrrrrrr ;-)

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