Friday, 2 September 2005

day 74 (whoops, getting ahead of myself .. its day 70!!)

Andi wrote:"If you can remember, sling up what kinds of books you like to read on your next post.  I am stepping around the stacks here.  :)"

now this is easy!!  if you would have asked which Stephen King books i haven't read, or perhaps John Grisham or Patricia Cornwell, my answer would be "i've read them all" .. and just last week, i ordered Patricia Cornwells newest book, Predator which is scheduled for release on October 25th !! 
  but just a few months ago i discovered a new favorite author and today i went online to see which of his books i haven't read yet .. the author is Robert K. Tanenbaum and these books are from his Marlene Ciampi Series
anyway, here are the books that i haven't read yet ...

True Justice
Act of RevengeReckless EndangermentIrrestible ImpulseFalsely AccusedCorruption of BloodJustice DeniedMaterial WitnessReversible ErrorImmoral CertaintyDepraved IndifferenceNo Lesser Plea
my daughter and i exchanged test messages late into the night wednesday .. i had taken a shot of one of our cats, Bubba, with his arm wrapped around my bed table .. and he was sound asleep ..

so i text messaged the picture to her .. i swear .. she'd respond to my message in seconds flat .. me, i had to turn on the light ... slowly type out my message and then struggle to remember how to send it .. but my phone is full of silly messages from her that still make me laugh
on another note, and before i tackle this huge stack of papers on my home office desk, last i got a call from my 20 year old son who is colleging (hehe) in hawaii .. he called to tell me he missed me   ::deep contented motherly sigh:: be still my heart
i don't remember what we talked about exactly .. just chit chat, catching up .. i reminded him about my upcoming chemo on the 9th .. and he had some news for me .. he hasn't touched a cigarette since he returned back to school earlier this month!!!!!  he wanted to make sure he had a good chance of succeeding before he shared his news with me .. he still won't say "i've quit" but he hasn't smoked since August 11th.

See .. something good has come from my lung cancer :)  if you want to know how much it means to me that my son is even trying to quit .. its about the best thing he could have done to make me feel like my current struggles haven't all been for nothing .. 'cuse me while i cry  'cept of course, mine are tears of relief

and then my son meekly asked me if i'd managed to start using the lesser dosage of nicotine patches yet .. he asked so gently .. so tentatively .. he's always been so tender with my heart .. and i was relieved to be able to tell him that yes, i'd changed from the daily nicotine dosage of 24 mg to 12 mg a day
here's my own "statistics" from quitnet . com  
Your Quit Date is:Friday, June 24, 2005 at 6:30:00 PM
Time Smoke-Free:69 days, 10 hours, 38 minutes and 3 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked:1389
Lifetime Saved:10 days, 14 hours
Money Saved:$245.00
now i'm really off to workin !!

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