Thursday, 8 September 2005

day 77 or something

this is going to be a very short entry tonight .. i had one of my most physically and emotionally exhausting days so far
at 9 am i had the chest xray, at 9:30 the blood work done, and a 9:45 appointment with my oncologist .. it turns out my chemo would have been postponed anyway because my tumor has not responded to 2 rounds of the chemicals
plan b .. he wants to try a new product on the market, Avastin .. just recently approved (i'm assuming by the FDA) and has shown great promise in reducing tumors previously unresponsive to chemo alone

the problem is in the fact that the drug is still so new that insurance companies are classifying it as "experimental" and thusly, not covered .. i spoke with my boss today, actually broke down in tears, when i told him that there was no way i could come up with the $4,000 PER SHOT and i might be requiring 2 or 3 shots if the doc sees the results he wants .. my boss then tells me "don't worry about it, i'll take care of it for you" if the shots aren't covered by our insurance .. i'm still speechless

the doctors office is running the required pre-authorization through my insurance company and we've scheduled September 23rd for my 3rd round of chemo .. cisplatin, taxotere and the new wonder drug, avastin

my Sister Susie was here to hold my hand the entire day .. oddly enough, i didn't really fall apart (yet lol) its not "bad" news really, just not the good news we were all hoping for .. so, we move on to Plan B and keep fighting !!!
i'm exhausted and ready to fall face first into my bed, but only after i shared the lastest of my news with my friends here in journal land

on that note, my bed is sooooo calling my name ;-)

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