Monday, 19 September 2005

the continuing saga of my accidental garden !

for any new readers (or forgetful ones like me) this is the continuing saga of my "accidental garden" ...

July 26, 2005
"i took pictures sunday of my happy place in my front yard .. i have strung a basket high into the tree and filled it with squirrel food .. corn, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds .. the other day my daughter and i noticed that the seeds that had fallen out of the basket had sprouted into our own miniature garden at the base of the tree .. we even started envisioning having corn on the cob .. just a simple little accidental garden brought smiles to our faces every time we walked by

yesterday i arrived home from work, walked by our garden and noticed that the "gardeners" had pulled each and every seedling .. our accidental garden is gone"
August 7, 2005"i think i wrote awhile back about my "accidental garden" .. the product of my hoisting a basket of nuts and seeds high into the tree in my front yard to feed the local birds and squirrels and mother nature taking over after that

after the gardners decided to help and pulled all my seedlings, i actually found the picures i had taken the day before .."
after the gardeners pulled the seedlings, i called my landlord and complained .. then i wrote out 2 signs in spanish and attached them to the tree .. both telling people "this is my vegetable garden, please leave it alone" .. or something to that effect .. i may have threatened to behead violators, but i don't remember and i don't read spanish

after a few weeks, the gardeners heeded my warnings and more seedlings returned .. my daughter and i decided to make if more of an "official" garden and put a small fence around the base of the tree .. it really does make it look like a purposeful garden lol
today, September 19, 2005left to its own devices, my accidental garden is thriving !!

i have to confess that i'm at a place in my life where i appreciate life and all living things (except spiders)

i look at my garden .. my happy place .. and i'm simply amazed how life can spring up accidentally and if left alone manages to take care of itself .. well, my automatic sprinkler system does help :)

i snagged a few pictures yesterday to share with y'all, but realized that i neglected to get a picture of how high the corn stalks have become .. so i'm waiting for it to become daylight so i can sneak out and grab another pic before i post this entry
mother nature .. god .. whatever forces are behind my accidental garden .. thank you !!

we've got sunflower blossoms .. we've got pumpkin blossoms .. we've got corn stalks that wave in the wind .. of course i realize that its going to be a bit crowded in there should we actually be blessed with actual PUMPKINS, but i think i've got that figured out .. i have enough of that little white fencing left to surround any pumpkins that want to grow out of the garden and out onto the lawn .. the little fence will keep the gardeners from "accidentally" mowing over any potential pumpkins hehe
i'm a happy camper ... can you tell? lol

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