Friday, 16 September 2005

driving miss baldy

ohhhhhh ... i'm nervous
my 14 year old daughter frantically called me from daddy's house last night (now mind you, daddy and 2nd mommy are currently in the middle of a 2 week holiday in hawaii - this was an important vacation and obviously their plans couldn't be changed regardless of the fact that they now have a "FULLTIME" teenage daughter)
my daughter lost her backpack last night .. its a first for her so there was NO way i was going to scold her .. we're hoping it ends up turned in to lost and found at school this morning

in her backpack was all her makeup .. so thats gone now too

when she finally got ahold of her daddy in hawaii, he told her to go to school tomorrow without makeup to see if she can find her backpack

i laughed when i heard his suggestion

sheesh .. some men just don't get it ya know?

so i promised my daughter that this morning i'd bring over my makeup for her to wear until she can find her own (or replace her own)

and i haven't driven since .. well .. mid-august i guess

me, who can't walk from the living room to the bathroom without forgetting where i'm going

but this is a CRISIS !!  an EMERGENCY !!!

and doing daughter rescues are what mamas do best
i just wish i had more confidence in my driving ability .. oh jeez .. its ONLY 12.7 miles one way using the freeways .. but i think i'm sticking to the surface streets cause i don't think i wanna drive too fast lol

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