Tuesday, 6 September 2005

home sweet home

well, in case you can't tell from this regular entry, I'M BACK HOME !!!
my fever finally broke and i got the required 24 hours without a fever so they sent me home .. i'm feeling like a wellfed well use pincushion but i'm home !!
i'd invite y'all over for a huge party but i'd probably end up sleeping through it lol

even after exhausting all medical tests available, they were still unable to determine the cause of my 103 degree fever .. but they were able to rule out bacterial infections, low white blood cell count or .. i dunno .. they ruled out a lot of stuff .. i'll be on antibiotics for another 5 days, but i'm slowly on the mend .. i swear this was the first time in my life i experienced being such a hot momma and i'm rejoicing being my old frigid self again hehe
as far as the docs can tell, my fever and rigors (real bad chills) were cause by a VIRAL INFECTION .. ya know, cold, flu ... etc .. delivered, as is the case of viruses, by a person .. an unhealthy, inconsiderate person
::shrugging:: i do have a note up on my door informing people NOT to enter if they are sick or contagous and i've provided anti-bacterial wipes for all my guests to use .. just in case (thanks to the reader who provided that suggestion) :)
now before i haul my drained bruised 125 pound self back to bed to rest, i wanted to let everyone know the doc agreed to postpone my chemo .. i would have bribed my oncologist for more time to recover from my recent ordeals, but all i had was $6 and all he required was for me to ask nicely lol
the next chemo might be postponed for one or two weeks, and he's reassured me that this delay will not have a negative long-term effect on my prognosis
i'll find out thursday when my 3rd treatment is, as i go in for my chest xray and blood work on thursday morning .. the doc still wants to check on the progress of the 2nd round of chemo and its effect (if any) on my cancer .. if my cancer hasn't responded, he's going to change my treatment and try to attack it with a mix of different chemicals

oh, and he said he never would have told me to expect to see any changes in my tumor after only one treatment and now he's aware that one of his staff told me differently .. i'd retell the story of what happened at my second chemotheraphy. but i'm just too tired :)

thanks for hanging in there with me y'all !!  i got to check my comments via AOL by phone a couple of times while i was in the hospital .. i got to check my email too but the mechanical voice was really hard to comprehend at times .. i mean it really trys hard to "read" screennames and i was usually so confused by its attempt at screennames, that by the time i recovered mentally, it was nearly done "reading" the comment lol

i plan on spending the next week or two being ME, not a cancer patient filled with chemicals .. i'm getting back to my daily walks .. fattening myself up for the next round of chemo .. getting my office duties cleared up and out of the way .. and enjoying my cable DV recorder !!!
sending hugs of gratitude to each and every one of you :)

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