Friday, 16 September 2005

feeling oh so close to "normal" !!!

i did it !!
i drove a car !!  i read a map !!  i didn't get lost, nor did i get into an auto accident !!  i was on time, i got to rescue my daughter, and i didn't freak out !!
and i got hugs and hugs from my little girl for understanding how traumatic the thought of going to school without makeup was for her .. and we laughed like old times .. and my heart soared like only a mother could understand

as i sit here now, i have to say that i haven't felt this "normal" for a very long time .. i am beaming .. i am so relieved and happy

i made sure and told my daughter thank you for letting me be her mom .. cause feeling needed by her was the best medicine for my heart

and then i got stuck in a traffic jam cause i decided i was doing so well driving that i could handle driving hell-bent-for-election on the freeway with the rest of the crazy drivers

apparently a van, heading northbound on highway 17 ended up flipping over the median divider and ended up landing in the fast lane, upside down, on southbound highway 17 .. see, my life ain't so bad

now, i'm off to make my daily phone call to my own momma .. cause she does my heart good too :)

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