Thursday, 15 September 2005

head noise du jour

my 20 year old son (who is colleging in hawaii) always seems surprised that i always seem happy when he calls me .. i finally let him in on my happiness secret .. i smile when i see my son's picture light up on my cellphone .. it means he's calling his momma .. and that ALWAYS makes me happy !!
life is good eh !!

it still shocks me to walk by and see myself in a mirror .. i still get the "damn, i'm bald!!!" response

my gray hair (for some insane reason) grows faster than my brown hair .. i have whiskers on my head but they're all gray .. my brown hair isn't growing fast enough to be considered real "whiskers" yet .. is this god's idea of a sick joke? not only do i have to be sickly lookin' and skinny and bald but now, i gotta look OLD too? lol

are ya wondering if i'm vain enough to color my gray whiskers growing atop my head?!?!

(nope .. i'm not .. i'll shave the gray whiskers off instead hehe)

y'all know i have 4 cats right?  we (my partner in crime, my 14 year old daughter, who is living with her daddy right now while i "recover") rescued these creatures years ago from a neighbor who "changed their minds" and didn't want cats anymore

we have Mocha Stud, Momma Skittles, Sad Eyes (yes, like the song) and Bubba .. Sad Eyes and Bubba are from Momma's last litter .. it was breaking my heart giving our beloved kittens away to strangers so we decided to keep the 2 remaining kittens .. that was 3 years ago
here's a pic i snapped the other day of Momma .. who is determined to sleep anywhere she can fit herself

Bubba, our shy guy, is a beautiful domestic long hair fella, half black and white and half gray tabby .. he's a regal kinda guy .. when he lounges, he always crosses one paw over the other when they are outstretched in front of him .. reminds me of those Egyptian statues

Bubba is more of a auditory cat than a visual cat .. he'll respond to my voice long before he is able to recognize me by sight .. i mentioned to my mom that maybe he's losing his eyesight .. well actually i think i said he's becoming "hard of seeing"

my mom (ever so quick with the retorts) replies .. "so now you have Sad Eyes and Bad Eyes !!" lol

yesterday i spent the day trying to figure out how to get Bubba to the vet .. when i awoke at 6 am, he was sneezing, breathing with his mouth open and drooling .. he couldn't even eat because he was sneezing so much

and of course i can't drive ..

so i called their regular vet who gave me the number of a mobile vet who arrived at 2:30 pm yesterday afternoon .. thankfully Bubba slept the entire time on my bed, by my side so i didn't need to worry about him escaping out into the orchards to avoid the vet

here's a shot from my front door yesterday as i paced the living room, nervous enough to require a shot of coconut rum .. me, the humane society volunteer couldn't calm my nerves enough to stay in the van with my cat .. i had to escape to the safety of my living room .. where i paced, literally, for over 1 1/2 hours while the vet worked on my little guy (i say "little" as a term of endearment .. he actually weighted in at 15 pounds) and yes .. that IS my ever growing "accidental garden" at the base of the tree !!!

the vet found a foxtail embedded deep inside his right nostril .. bad bad foxtails .. and my guy slept off the anesthesia for 2 hours after the "extraction" .. ask me how relieved i was that she actually found something and then fixed him .. he got canned salmon as his "treat" for being such a good patient :)

here's a pic of Bubba recovering

and this morning, his appetite is back to normal and i shot this picture this morning, Bubba (Bad Eyes) gobbling away and Sad Eyes (ever the gentleman) waiting patiently in line lol 

and on that note, i wish i had more energy to share the pics i just received from my niece Susan, but you're just gonna have to wait !!!

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