Thursday, 22 September 2005

i declare today "sunflower day" !!!

i have decided to take a break from eatting and reading about Butch Karp to post a few gifs i just received .. these were so perfect, i just had to take a moment so that i could share them with you .. Thank you Suzy via Adventures of Suzy Colorado .. i don't how you always manage to find such perfect examples to send to me !!
and thank you !!

aren't they just beautiful !?!?!

and for those AOL JOURNALERS amongst us ...
everyone IS using their new file managers to upload images to your FTP space now right?  i've used an internation form of the file manager (requiring that i read german lol) for years, its wonderful to see that we wee folk down here in the US of A finally get to see a version we can use too !!

BIG WHOOPS .. i forgot to post the links to your file manager lol  blame it on the cancer .. thats what we always do around here lol

AOL Hometown : File Manager

its so much easier being able to upload 4 image files at a time .. you can read more about it in Joe, Journal Editor's journal ...
Web-Based File Manager Is Here!

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