Saturday, 17 September 2005

day 86

first, i want to comment on some comments that were left by you awesome people !!  (yes, i consider anyone who reads my journal and leaves encouraging comments to be awesome !!) tell me i don't have my priorities straight !!

Via I do not recall having a memory problem.
Tell me they didn't leave her home alone for two weeks.
Comment from suzypwr - 9/16/05 7:20 AM
not to worry Suz .. my daughter wasn't left "alone" .. although it probably would have made for a great movie with dozens of sequels of course !! ;-)

her paternal grandmother is caring for her during their holiday .. and please, don't get me started on the virtues of my ex-mother-in-law .. really

if you've been reading my journal long enough, you've seen me confess on numerous occasions that i have favorite words .. i have even been known to make up a word or two when it seems fitting

my word of the day (word du jour) is segue
se·gue   (sgw, sgw
  1. To move smoothly and unhesitatingly from one state, condition, situation, or element to another
v : proceed without interruption; in music or talk; "He segued into another discourse"
any word that isn't spelled anything close to phonetically holds an odd appeal for me .. like the word clique (a small exclusive group) .. i adore that word too lol

but i digress eh !!!

one specific comment left in my journal provided me with an excellent opportunity to segue into my next intended journal entry ...

Via Random Ramblings...
And I am still LMAO over "going to school without makeup."  What's he going to tell her next?  Go jump out of a plane?
~~ jennifer
Comment from xzasporated1 - 9/16/05 9:16 AM

i couldn't have asked for a better segue Jennifer!!  my next entry was to be posting the pictures i received from my niece Sue-Sue about her recent skydiving experience LOL

(insert Aunt bragging rights) my niece is BRAVE !!  my niece is BEAUTIFUL !!  my niece is COURAGEOUS !!  my niece must also be CRAZY !! (i love you bunches Sue-Sue .. but sheesh !! lol)
here they are .. with no further ado .. my niece

on yet another note .. as i segue from niece to nephew ..

today is my nephew, Michael's, 13th Birthday party .. i was thrilled when i received an invitation, and it actually breaks my heart that there is no way i could attend .. his mom hired 2 local punk rock bands; rented a hall; arranged to have pizza and sodas for all his guests .. it sounds like a dream come true for any 13 year old boy who is into punk rock eh !!

so before i forget, Aunt Susie, please tell Michael Happy Birthday from his Aunt Pam .. and give him a special hug from me (and don't forget to bring your earplugs to the party lol)

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