Wednesday, 11 August 2004

i'm missing him already

as of 8:30 yesterday morning, my son is back in Hawaii .. Honolulu to be exact, to start his second year of college .. his dad hooked him up with a studio apartment overlooking the campus .. kid has got it tough i tell ya !!

honestly, i wasn't ready for him to leave yet ..

ok, i'll confess, i'd probably never be "ready" .. just something about waking up in the morning, seeing my son's clothes scattered around the house .. the front door unlocked ..  his shoes placed carefully waiting for me to trip over them .. and my son, sleeping soundly on the couch .. MY couch

i'm missing him already the good news is i have my pickup truck back !!

he's been driving it for the entire summer and i'd been attempting to get by driving his cadi (yea .. the one with the leaky radiator!)

i ran over to his fathers house yesterday after work to exchange vehicles, i just couldn't wait another day to have my truck back .. i feel so much safer .. and bigger :)

i've missed being able to see OVER the continual traffic jams .. of course i'll have to learn to park all over again .. and struggle to find parking spaces that are long enough and wide enough for both me and my truck to get into without doing any permanent damage !!

i had promised his father i'd give him the old "i'm concerned about your future so put down the surfboard and pick up a book" mommy speech but there just wasn't time .. besides, i kinda figure he has gotten enough of that speech .. the concerned daddy version of course

i imagine the next few weeks before my daughter starts the 8th grade will be filled with shopping .. and more shopping .. and perhaps just a *bit* more shopping .. ya think?

i'm going to try to find the time to run by the humane society today and check on Irish .. i know i could probably just call and find out, but i need to see her eyes ..

on that note, i'm trying a little more background stuff .. hopefully it will work a bit better than yesterday :)

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