Sunday, 8 August 2004

Journal Directory Updates - 8/2/04

bho171-Gladys-Gladys'Diet DilemmaA running account of the efforts of a senior struggling with discipline (or lack there of) as measured by weight management (pounds lost and weight maintained), skills gained (pc), PMA built and maintained, and tracked on a bi-weekly basis.
bigred3392-Tracy-Stepping Stones and CoffeeThe transition from adolescence to adulthood can be an awkward one. Out of nowhere, questions have started to sprout at the corners of my psyche: What is the meaning of life? How can I make a difference in the world? Why am I still single? There are a few things I'm certain of: I want to be a first grade teacher, I want to venture outside of the doldrums of routine and I want the road leading me toward my independence to be flanked by coffee shops.
dklars-Kath-Secret GardenMusing, Pondering and Whining about My Life.
kahdib-KDBLivin' The Crazy Life (of a 20 something, career-starting, recently-engaged, newly-independent, kid in grown up pants)
puppetmaster966-Michelle-A whole lot of nothin!!!A little bit of me, a little bit about them and a whole lot of nothin!
wordsinc-Paulie-The Side Doorpolitics, religion, lifestyle, health, finance, how-to's, quizzes, games, puzzlers and lots of free advice on living simply

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