Tuesday, 10 August 2004

a quick update on Irish

i'm just testing out Greggers instructions for adding a background and at the same time, giving y'all an update on Irish, the adorable pitbull mix that was injured at the shelter on Sunday
i stopped by the humane society after work yesterday and the doc says she's doing fine (g'head .. ask me how much i hate the word "fine" !!!) her wounds aren't bleeding, at least externally .. she's still weak and shaky though .. thankfully she had enough energy to give me a few kisses while i was there
i'm keeping my fingers crossed that she makes a full recovery AND finds a loving family that can't live without her
i can't say i'm crazy about the way this background stuff is turning out .. i am not sure how to get the background to be continuous and not break between paragraphs !!  i even tried adding the paragraph breaks while i was in the html code view but they kept disappearing when i changed to view as text

i am attempting to correct the way the background appears and well, now the background appears to be working and not ending between paragraphs !! sheesh !! i'm not sure what i'm doing different between yesterday and today .. oh, wait .. i know, this is AOL after all .. the day now starts with a "W", its an even hour and i'm sitting with my legs crossed .. THAT must be the difference lol  

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