Sunday, 8 August 2004

Journal Directory Updates - 8/7/04

amviolinist07-Amanda-Now Entering Amanda's MindWhats actaully going on behind closed doors in my mind. Things that you would never guess.
brokeninmyself-Dalyce-When nothing else matters
when you take a deep breath and see things more clearly then before, when you can lift your head and smile without fear in your eyes, and when light seems to grow deep inside you. you know your ready.
cathy0o0-Cathy-Anything Goes
Anything and everything and inbetween.
derasta-Debbie-A Journey To A Healthier Me
My thoughts and feelings along with recording everything I eat on a daily basis..this is my journey and an exciting one, one that I know I will follow thru with and become the person i've so longed for...join me on this trip
First, have a definite, clear practical ideal; a goal, an objective. Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends; wisdom, money, materials, and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end.  Aristotle
derasta-Debbie-FORWARD CITY
Frustrated because no one appreciates the tons of forwards you send? Fret no we love them! Send them to me and i'll add them here for everyone to enjoy...
ebonygrl3-Taste of the South
Recipes from the heart of a true Southern cook.
edpaintered-Ed-If Thoughts Could Talk
My talking thoughts regarding family life and freinds.
elbxmatatan-Hood Politics
Bringing Politics to the urban community.
foreverme382-Renee-The Journal Of The Unique Other
Everyday something new runs through my mind. Isn't that how it works for everyone? I am in a stage of my life where I cannot make up my mind about my own person. I am very happy, but at the same time, I am in a lot of pain and I am suffering major depression issues. I guess I'm just trying to piece myself together and this is just another possible helpful solution.
Im Here102-Mary-Politics: Does not compute
My views from the far reaches of my mind
jkb2320-Kim-Going Mach 2 with my hair on FIRE !!
My busy life as a wife, mother of 5 and grandmother of 10. There's never a dull moment, so, visit each day to see who does what and how I react to it. You wont be disappointed!
journalsuk-A Mum's Tale
A blog about a family in West London
journalsuk-One Apple Tasted
A Novel about love, death and safety pins
in 31 Chapters by Hodmandod
All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2004
lilbithvnnhell-Tammy-Something to talk about
Whatever is going thru my mind...
michelewln-Michele-Visions Inside My Mind
A place to share my art, writing, poetry, recipes and thoughts because sometimes you need someone other then the cat to listen to you.
munowe-Mary-CHAOS REIGNS
This is my life.  Share my experiences, opinions, family, friends, and the chaos that is my life.  Put your seatbelt on it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
mzgoochi-Lahoma-Remember when..
I’m Nobody! Who are you?
Are you---Nobody----Too?
Then there’s a pair of us?
Don’t tell! they’d advertise---you know!
How dreary---to be --- Somebody!
How public---like a Frog----
To tell one’s name---the livelong June---
To an admiring Bog!
Thank You Emily Dickinson and Kathleen
playin35style-Erika-Playin' 35 Style
This journal knows what playin' 35 style is all about. From the "35" herself, go into the mind of erika and learn what playin' 35 style is all about
quitlaffinatmysn-Headin' South
Follow along on what I'm sure will end up being a journal packed with humor, confusion and seriousness as I relocate from the coast of Lake Ontario in New York to the Gulf Coast of Florida!
sara97racer-Sara-Just a Girl
I'm just a girl looking for love.. but my main love is NASCAR and anything that deals with NASCAR.
sara97racer-Sara-NASCAR World
All the latest news and info from the world of NASCAR. Race updates and points standings.. and anything else that might be going on at the moment
smprfipisis1114-Rachie-Rach's Journal
This is just a buncha my thoughts, feelings, and randomness. Oh, and sometimes even I become sensable and say something smart
sweetmelissa4u-Melissa-One Time At Band Camp
Just for fun ... isn't everything anyway
A blog to vent about the day-to-day drama in my life, poems, pictures, and whatever else pops into my head.

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