Sunday, 8 August 2004

Journal Directory Updates - 8/9/04

jjfgiuffre-John G-All Things ChristmasAll things Christmas is a place to remember those wonderful Christmas's we have all had and even some that may not have been the best. It is also a Journal for you to use all and any grahics you would like for your use.
lindainspokane-Linda-Unedited BB5...Behind the Scenes
Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at the BB 5 house?  What they aren't showing on TV? Well I will tell you and show you all the juicy tidbits and gossip!!
moondawghouse-Larry-MOONDAWG'S PARKING LOT
A long-haul trucker's stories, anecdotes, observations, opinions, and rants. A lighthearted glimpse of life on the road and life in general in this crazy world.
moondawghouse-Larry-THE 'DAWG'S SOAPBOX
The opinions of a truck driver?? Yep, I have some and this journal will be dedicated to airing my personal take on politics, social issues, current events, and more. Every time I feel like "mouthing off" about something. This journal is public and I invite any and all comments, in agreement -- or not, as long as they are respectful

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