Monday, 9 August 2004

be still my heart

ok .. so i'm still hooked up with that blasted dating service from yahoo .. not that i'm looking mind you, i've just forgotten my password so i don't know how to turn it off lol
i usually just delete the emails from Yahoo Matchmaker telling me they've found the man of my dreams for me .. but this morning i decided to take a look
oh my .. so many to choose from ..
"My life is dedicated to playing with my kids, skiing, mt.biking, surfing, and rock climbing. I also have a full time job and a home business to pay for it all."
oh .. like exercise? surfing? at my age? yea sure right .. i wonder how my wrinkles will look falling off a rock .. sounds right up my alley .. glad to hear that you'll be paying your own way though

"Looking for a best friend to have fun I love the outdoors, down to earth guy, who is outgoing and Very athletic and fit."

outdoors? like with the bugs? the closest i get to outdoors is taking out the garbage .. give me a 5 star hotel with room service instead please .. have you considered getting an athletic dog?  i hear they're mans best friend

you're a
down to earth guy?  does that mean you don't shower or shave to be closer to nature?  or does that mean you're really really short?
"I love to be with a small group of friends sharing life experience, talking funny stories, and reveal the inner fantasies"
does anyone else translate this into group sex or is it just me?  i'm not familiar with "talking funny stories" .. are those like comedy talking movies?
"Hi there. I'm looking for someone to have fun strings attached...just want to see what happens and how things go. Sense of humor is a must"
whooo hoooo .. somebody wants to get laid .. good luck dude .. i guess you want somebody to laugh when you don't call back the next day eh? or do you mean somebody to laugh at your body parts .. i'm confused
"I believe life is all about going for the gusto! Seeing the world, trying new activities (even if they’re scary), and always learning is invigorating to me.?
gusto? oh how attractive .. old people with gusto .. i nap with gusto, does that count?  i think for something new i'll get patterned sheets on my bed

"Hi, I have lived in the Silicon Valley for nearly 15 years. I am originally from India,"
wonderful !! maybe you can help me fix my computer
oh well .. i had a great time sorting through all the selections this morning .. but i do believe i've had my fun quota for the day ;)

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