Sunday, 8 August 2004

Journal Directory Updates - 7/31/04

abeator81-Amy-Amy Loves PeccarysThe weird and wonderful (or not so!) life that is mine and those that share it with me....
bluestblink82-Blue-Bluestblink8222,Crazy,Bored and MotivatedImpress Me
colesmomndad-Kim-The "Fats" of LifeThis is a journal of my current attempt to lose this fat butt and be a better, more energetic mommy to my son, Cole.
fjrav-Prospective on RotationsUsing this journal, I'll write my thoughts about my last two years of med school, which I may refer to later when I need to decide what type of doctor I want to be.
mgraves6033-Humorous Verse, or "Life With A Wife"Christian, husband, father, runner, average guy, adequate at most everything, outstanding at nothing.
mskitty611-Jes-Kitty's PlaceJust a bit about me, my kids, hubby, hobbies, and life.
playingam-Amber-blah.... blah....blahmy terrible life
rachoh322-Diary of a DramaqueenA journal written by and about a teenager who deals with the ups and downs of being a teen... a drama teen.
rebafandjDJ-DJ's Mind MazeCome and see what's inside my mind...beware you may get lost and not be's abt my life and my cats.
ruthcollins00-Amber-It's a Dog's LifeA not-so-daily journal of my life...
wfhbear-Bill-Comments on the events of my lifeMy rants, raves, stumbles, and falls as I stomp my way through the swamp of life."Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come;
'Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home." by John Newton


aynetal3-Ann et al-AOL Journals' First Year Hall of FameThis journal will be a contribution toward AOL Journals' 1rst year anniversary.  :)  The journal will present the work of first year journalists and their introduction to AOL J-Land.  
The requirements are to have registered in Pam's J-Directory by July 19, 2004 and to have given us permission to publish your information in this journal.
Pam's Directory can be found at
dornbrau-Debbie-JOURNALS ANNIVERSARY CARDSThis is just a compilation of Anniversary cards from Journalers throughout the AOL Journal communities.
floralilia-Flora-succulent wisdom - juicyness from j-landdedicated to all of us - to inspire, to enthuse, and to admire our collective juicy=ness.happy anniversary!
journalsrock-Together We Are One...Fly your FlagTo honor ourselves, our nations and our states, we proudly flew our flags high on opening day of the AOL-J celebration.Thanks everyone who participated.  Continue to fly your flags proudly.
lisbnjvi-State Flag JournalList of State Flags and the Journals of Proud "Flag Flyers" In Celebration of AOL's First Anniversary
sepintx-Steven-AOL Journal Garden-(Homepage)AOL Journal Garden
You are the Garden
tjexpressions-J-Land Registry-Celebrating J-Land's first Anniversary. Journals uniting together in a virtual Celebration all in fun and it's for everyone.
tjexpressions-FloatsShe who manages must hear and be deaf, must see and be blind. After all nonsence is the end result of all sence..
viviansullinwank-Vivian-AOL Journals !st AnniversarySpecial Edition Anniversary Blog (SEAB) to house and highlight the events of the cyber-celebration marking the 1st anniversary of AOL Journals. Event dates = 7/29/04 - 8/21/04
viviansullinwank-JLandAnniversaryGraphicsThis journal will contain graphics Ive received from other journalers for the 7/29/04 - 8/21/04 Journals 1st Anniversary Celebration

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