Sunday, 26 September 2004

so sorry :-(

no time today to do a voice entry .. i tried going into the kennels once, with the intention of recording it via AOL by phone .. and i swear the dogs must have heard what was up because they were oddly quiet

guess its true that rumors on AOL journals really do spread like wildfire eh?

anyway, i'm beat .. 9 hours at the shelter and we managed to healthcheck 20 dogs .. and i fell in love with a little terrier mix lady named China .. she's a lap dog from the word go .. she climbed into my lap and sat there while i updated data in the computer for at least 30 minutes .. when her kennel mate came over to get a bit of attention she actually growled .. it was rather comical this baby dog not even weighing 6 pounds doing her best to appear ferocous lol

i had a blast even though i'm exhausted .. i got to work with a new partner in healthcheck, Alexis .. i've seen her around the shelter but never had the opportunity to work side by side with her before .. within a short amount of time we had the radio blasting in health check, dancing and singing to oldies while Tank, the cutest little 6 month pit danced with us .. turns out Alexis gave her notice yesterday and plans to find a new job .. i'm going to do my best to talk her out of it :)

i was hoping that Twix would get his mugshot up in the humane society's adoption page so that i could share it and y'all could see what a lovable big lug he is, but his pic wasn't there .. hopefully they'll put his pic up next week unless he's already found a home by then

on that note, i'm off to indulge in a much deserved glass of wine ~

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