Wednesday, 12 October 2005

THREE entries in one week lol

wow .. i'm still reeling from the news (check out the front page image of The Post in the lower right corner)

but now i have a quandary .. how do i begin a journal entry once my name has appeared on the FRONT PAGE of the Washington Post? eh !!!  i lead such a difficult life hehe

chemo angel update:   y'all know i signed up for chemo angels right?  i wrote about it initially here in this entry .. day 82
yesterday i received a card from my chemo angel Sandy in Illinois .. she wrote of harvesting sunflower seeds and of making a huge crock of vegetable beef soup and pumpkin dump cake.  i have NO idea what pumpkin dump cake is, but it sounds yummy !!  Sandy wrote that she knew if she lived closer that she'd love to bring me over some "comfort food" .. that in itself is almost enough to make me move to Illinois lol

almost :)  but in the meantime, she got me thinking i really would enjoy cooking again .. something i just haven't had the energy to do since i started chemo back in august

but that changed yesterday !!  i have tried to leave at least 2 days prior to each chemo to focus on "enjoying" my life (as opposed to being miserably sick and weak from the chemo) .. so yesterday i cooked up a huge batch of chicken noodle soup (i make a mean chicken noodle soup if i do say so myself!) and today i'm cooking up a huge batch of beef stroganoff (with shredded beef, not sliced beef) .. i got the recipe from TV, Food 911 with Tyler Florence who did a show on Russian food .. i'll let y'all know if the recipe is worth trying out .. i know its smelling pretty good lol

with the Food Saver that my sister Susie got for me (thanks again Suz!!), i'm going to freeze individual portions of the chicken soup and beef stroganoff to keep in my freezer to enjoy when i'm back to being too weak to cook .. thanks Sandy, for getting me motivated :)
my other chemo Angel, Erika, from Virginia, has been sending me the cutest gifts .. yesterday i received an adorable set of kitchen towels, oven mitts and pot holders with kitties on them (we both adore felines)

a few months ago Erika sent me a certificate from Barnes & Noble .. i've been holding on to it, waiting until i needed to buy more books (thanks to my sister, Nancy, i'm still up to my neck in catching up on Robert Tanenbaum's novels of the Butch Karp series .. she sent me 5 books and i've only finished one) but yesterday i received an email from Barnes & Noble about "toys and games" .. i took a quick look at what they carry and ended up ordering a vintage edition of Monopoly .. in a wooden box no less !!

last week my kitties got gifts of cat treats from Erika's cat lol 

thank you Erika :)

yvonne508 mentioned in a comment that i have neglected to mention my son lately .. he's still (he'd better be still) studying his tushy off in college over on the islands .. he calls me, rain or shine, at least twice a week .. i was a bit embarrassed to be bragging about my interview with The Post but he seemed to think it was pretty cool too .. he'll be home for Christmas and i'm hoping (really really hoping) that once my tumor has shrunk enough to enable me to undergo surgery to remove the tumor and part of my lung, that i get to recover in hawaii with my son

my big boss told me the other day to "let him know" if i needed anything .. so i asked him for a round trip ticket to Hawaii when its time .. i used to be shy about taking people up on their offers of help .. i think i'm slowly getting over that lol

oh, and my sister Nancy found out that Barnes & Noble carries at least one copy of The Post if anyone is interested in getting a copy of today's issue .. i'm flattered that its important enough to her to be running around town buying up copies .. i mean, i know i feel oddly tickled about being on the front page of The Post, but that she shares my giddiness is really neat :)

 (hehe thanks Kathy!!!)

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