Wednesday, 12 October 2005

is this like being famous now or what? lol

can you believe it? 2 entries in one week lol

even though i realize i'm taking a slight risk sharing this here in my journal (not only with all my journaling friends but the world) i am just so tickled that i couldn't even consider NOT sharing this with y'all !!

besides, keeping secrets isn't something i'm good at, nor is it something i enjoy

so when i was contacted by AOL a few weeks ago, asking me if i "minded" if they passed my name along to The Washington Post, to be interviewed for a possible article .. and then when the reporter .. a REAL reporter from the Washington Post called me and interviewed me .. it was killing me that i had to keep it a secret
first of all, even i know that being "interviewed" is not the same as being IN The Post

second of all, it was no doubt, going to be a tiny piece, hidden in the depths of the Post .. thankfully the reporter showed me to the so i could keep an eye out on the story
and then the reporter, Yuki Noguchi, asked if i minded keeping the story hush-hush until after it was published (can't have other newspapers getting wind of her story before its published!)
and then yesterday i finally received an email from Ms. Noguchi letting me know that her article is appearing on the front page !!!
ask me if i ever dreamed 2 years ago when i started my journal that it would end up coming to the attention of AOL (thanks Joe!) who would recommend my journal to The Washington Post

now y'all can say you knew me before i got famous eh !!!
check it out if you want, The Post IS available online but you have to register
here is a link to the "Print Edition" of today's edition of The Washington Post Print Edition
Blogs Offer Some A Cyber-Catharsis By Yuki Noguchi, Page A01 Logging intensely personal experiences on the Web has become a new form of therapy for millions.
Coping Online Page A01 "i go back thursday for another xray to see if the tumor is responding to the drugs and chemo, ... i'm in tears just thinking about it"
YES ! that last one is a quote from MY journal entry yesterday, appearing on the front page of The Post .. this is just too weird lol

i had a lot of good things to say about the people who read and comment in my journal .. for me, you all are the best part of my journal

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