Friday, 7 October 2005

day 106

most mornings you can find me sitting at the desk in my daughters old bedroom (now my home office) plugging away at the stacks of paperwork that sit waiting for attention
as soon as the sun rises, i open the blinds so i can keep an eye on my accidental garden .. watching the squirrels race around the tree .. watching the birds swoop down on the basket of nuts .. counting how many pumpkin flowers are blooming today and how many sun flowers are blooming .. the garden and its occupants have a way of distracting me from my responsibilities :)
one of our cats, mocha stud "came home" last night .. even though Mocha is "our" cat and has been for the past 5 1/2 years (when our next door neighbor refused to have him treated at the vet for an infection) Mocha usually only spends a few days home before he heads off to sow his wild oats (or whatever else neutered male cats do these days) .. he'll be gone for weeks on end and then just appear on our doorstep like he did last night
it used to bother both my daughter and i a great deal .. wondering where Mocha was spending his nights .. "i know he's cheating on us and has another family Mom!!" my daughter confided to me several years ago :)

we make sure he never leaves home without his collar and tag, and he IS microchipped .. but Mocha has never been an indoor cat, and will never BE an indoor cat and its something we have to live with

when he is home, however, he wants attention

and when mocha wants attention, he wants it NOW
and no, it really doesn't matter if i have work to do

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