Thursday, 13 October 2005

the day before chemo #4

the DMV (California Department of Motor Vehicles) has got it in for me


i remember several years ago when i attempted to take care of a situation over the phone .. the person answering the phone insisted that i had to come down to the DMV in person .. i told her that was ridiculous and asked to speak to her supervisor.  she refused .. she also refused to give me her name .. and then she hung up on me .. 6 TIMES !!!

so i wrote a letter to the local DMV, outlining exactly how i was treated .. a few days later i received a phone call from the supervisor expressing his apologies and telling me that my letter was going to be used for training purposes .. "how to be nice" i think was the name of the class

but i think they keep a permanent file on people who create problems .. and they've got a file on me

several months ago i decided to put my ego aside and apply for a handicapped placard .. the little thing that hangs from the rear view mirror and lets me park in those valuable close parking spots .. i call it my lazy persons placard .. during chemo, i simply don't have the energy to walk that far to the store .. and if i have to park too far away, thanks to the "chemo brain" i forget where i parked my car

i was very humbled and embarrassed and even thought my doc might give me a hard time about signing the application .. he didn't though :)
so i mailed the application and a check for $6 off to the DMV in mid-August

it was returned to me in mid-September .. actually, a copy was returned to me with a letter saying they needed the original and they had received the $6

frustrated, i waited until my next appointment with my oncologist on September 23rd, and had him sign the copy in blue ink

3 days letter i get another letter from the DMV returning my original application but now telling me they needed the $6 fee

i decided that as soon as i was strong enough, that i'd have to do this in person, face-to-face .. i wanted a real live idiot to explain to me how something so simple could get so messed up

so i called for an "appointment" .. i got the earliest time slot a week later

and i sat there for 30 minutes waiting for my number to be called .. i swear if anyone ever comes to my office that works for the DMV, i'm going to hand them a number, them i'm going to makethem sit there while i occasionally walk out calling numbers that aren't theirs .. "appointment" my tush
but i finally got my placard .. i stuck it in my purse

and of course tuesday, when i finally venture out in my car, i remembered that i had taken the placard out of my purse out so i wouldn't forget it

and it was sitting on my dresser ::rolling my eyes again::

oh, i finally called the oncologist office yesterday .. i have my chest xray and bloodwork today since my chemo is scheduled so early tomorrow morning (8:45 am) i wanted to find out if there was anyway i could check out the xray to see if the tumor was smaller .. that way i wouldn't have to stress all night long waiting for the results (if the tumor hasn't responded to either the chemo or the avastin, i won't be having chemo tomorrow)

the nurse said the xray technicians couldn't show me the xray and the doctor isn't in the office today anyway so i HAVE to wait until tomorrow for the results ..
it feels like i'm taking a pregnancy test, leaving it on the counter and refusing to check on it until the next day .. sure .. right .. its cake .. NOT

but down at the bottom of the order for the xray, they have little boxes that the nurses check .. "routine channels" "telephone report" "patient back w/film"

first the nurse mistakenly checked "telephone report" .. i pointed out her error, so she crossed out the check mark and checked "routine channels" .. i suppose i could cross out her mistake and check "patient back w/film"
except there is ONE small flaw in my plan .. i can't lie .. i can't even pretend i know how .. the tech would hand me the xray and i'd crumble .. fall to my knees, reduced to tears, begging for forgiveness ::rolling my eyes:: somedays i wish i could just lie like normal people seem to be able to do

now i have a question .. does anybody know what this is? does anybody know why i bought it not even knowing what it is?  haha  i KNOW why i bought it .. cause it looks like christmas lights .. but really, does anybody have a clue as to what it is? and don't be a wise cracker and tell me "its a plant" .. i know that much lol

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