Friday, 25 February 2005

thats MY job !!!

i had one of those things happen today that bring a smile to my face .. considering the drama of the past few days, it was a welcomed smile  

my son (the one attending college in hawaii) is having medical issues again .. it started on 9-11-2001, after an injury to his throat from his helmet, within a couple of hours of the injury his neck and throat swelled up so much he had difficulty breathing .. we rushed him to the emergency room

things returned to normal within a few days, so we didn't pursue it any further

the following year, on 9-11-2002, he ended up in the hospital again, another football injury, same results .. this time we ran the full gamut of medical tests .. several weeks later we learned that he had a thyroid duct cyst .. the doc recommended surgery but my son decided against it since it would interfere with his football schedule

my son called yesterday, this time its worse than before .. he said this time he has a large bruise on his neck in addition to the swelling ..  

i can't think of a worse nightmare for a mother .. he's way over there in hawaii and there wasn't much i could do from here except try to locate a (hopefully) competent physician to check him out and recommend a surgeon  

i managed to find a doctor within a couple of miles of his apartment and scheduled an appointment for him this afternoon .. which turns out to be perfect since he has no classes scheduled for friday  

i considered calling him today an hour before his appointment to remind him .. but i reconsidered .. he's an adult now right? .. well almost and certainly close enough for him to want me to treat him like an adult !!! :)  

but when his appointment time rolled around you can bet he was on my mind .. hoping he remembered the appointment, woke up in time and found a ride to the doctors office  

i was more than a bit surprised when my son called me this afternoon just to let me know he arrived at the doctors office and would call me after the appointment .. i wonder if he knew that a simple little phone call from my son could make me so proud and bring such a smile to my face  

(as a sidenote .. if i can get his CT scan to the doctors office next week he'll be scheduled for surgery next friday .. i'm wishing i lived closer so i could take care of him .. i know he has friends there that would be more than willing to help him out, but honestly, i've always considered that MY job)

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