Sunday, 13 February 2005

something about the smell of freshly baked bread !!

its a quiet day on the homefront today .. my daughter is shopping with her dad and plans on getting her hair colored later this afternoon

me?  i'm being a lazy mom today .. i put in my 6 hours at the humane society healthchecking cats and dogs yesterday so at least the entire weekend isn't one big haze of laziness

we were scheduled to healthcheck 2 tiny little Chihuahuas yesterday, but they were just too nervous to be good adoption candidates .. so instead we signed them up for the headstart program so the volunteers know that these 2 little girls need a LOT of socialization in the next few days

both were too scared to approach us unless we were safely on the other side of the gate .. something about having that gate between us made the dogs feel it was safe to approach .. towards the end of my shift yesterday i decided to spend a little time with them and brought along some chopped up hotdogs .. i slowly made my way inside their kennel and within a few minutes, with food as the motivation, they felt it was safe to climb up into my lap to receive more treats .. we made sure and made a note in the computer that both babies were highly motivated by food so it should make it easier to socialize them in the next few days

did i mention that i received a raise from my employeer on January 1st?  its not a lot, but every little bit helps .. i have made an executive decision that i personally am going to benefit from this extra income (as opposed to my children or the bill collectors) so the first thing i did was ordered a breadmaker to replace the one i sold for extra income to help pay the rent after my divorce 12 years ago ..

friday i made my first loaf of whole wheat bread since my daughter is on this healthy food kick .. the bread was a bit too heavy for my preference so today while the daughter is out of the house i'm making a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread !!

the dough is rising right now but in a little less than an hour our little cottage is going to be filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread

confessing my love of sweet hot cinnamon bread, there will probably be no evidence of my indulgence by the time my daughter returns home this evening

the breadmaker was a great deal .. i ordered it from .. the Breadman Ultimate in stainless steel .. and it was listed as $150 off the regular price .. i couldn't resist !!

the rest of my raise this year should probably be set aside for me to purchase a larger size of clothes for myself eh !!!

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