Tuesday, 15 February 2005

do blondes really have more fun?

today is going to be a short work day for me today .. at noon i'm taking my 14 year old daughter to get her hair done .. some color and a trim .. and when i say "some" color, i mean just the back section of her hair

for some reason the girl has decided that she wants to be blonde .. but only in one section of her hair .. not that i'm crazy about the idea but i've always encouraged my children to exercise their freedom of personal expression with their appearance .. hopefully it will keep them from going off the deep end when they gain full adult independence

at least blonde is better than say .. green .. or orange i suppose

i've been trying to discourage her from getting her nose pierced .. its too "permanent" for my taste .. but i finally relented this week, figuring the sooner she gets it pierced, the sooner she'll tire of the maintenance and the sooner it will be removed .. then she decided to perform a little "experiment" to see how much pain her little nose could take .. "MOM !! its gonna hurt !!" .. the piercing has been put on the back burner for now .. thankfully

i'm giving it my best effort to spoil her a little bit this week .. she's off school for the week and was supposed to be going with her daddy to hawaii .. till he changed his mind, stating he couldn't afford it .. she IS keeping track .. this is the 3rd time her daddy was supposed to take her on vacation to hawaii and ended up flaking out on her .. so instead he's in hawaii with his wife for the week .. and his sister .. and his niece

so if i can balance her disappointment with a bit of blonde hair .. i guess thats not such a bad thing

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