Thursday, 3 February 2005

oh Christmas tree ~

would anyone be interesting in knowing where my Christmas tree is?
hauled away with the recycling sometime between Christmas and New Years you say?
that was the plan
of course, being "rule conscious", i first called the trash hauling company to find out what restrictions, if any, they had .. i was told "as long as the tree is under 6 feett" i can place the tree whole, with the rest of my recycling .. "anything over 6 feet and the tree has to be cut in half"
no problem .. i knew the tree was about the height of my last boyfriend, so i figured it to be 6 foot
but trash day came and went and my tree remained at the curb
then the next trash day came and went and my tree remained at the curb
so i got my tape measure out and attempted to measure the tree .. yea ok .. it was a rough estimate .. measuring a bushy tree just isn't one of my talents .. i swear it still looked to be about 6 foot tall .. but the next trash day came and went and my tree remained, stoically standing at my curb and i realized something was wrong
so i got some wire .. i ran it up the trunk of the tree .. then i got my tape measure out again and measured the wire .. gosh .. i was wrong .. it was a whole 6 foot 4 inches !!!!!so i got out my cute little hack saw .. and when i say cute and little, i mean exactly that .. it took me nearly 30 minutes to saw through the trunk of the tree .. it probably would have been quicker but several neighbors just had to stop to chat with me delaying my progress .. yea ok .. i'll confess .. i had to take a break cause my arm was killing me lol
but now i have 2 - 3 foot 2 inch sections of Christmas tree sitting out at the curb .. i swear it had best be gone when the trash haulers pull away from our street tomorrow
i have a message that i am tempted to tape to the tree .. to my beloved trash hauler who refused to haul away my tree because it was 4 inches too tall ..
i don't care what your girlfriend tells you .. 4 inches really isn't THAT much dude

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