Saturday, 5 March 2005

i've got a tough life hehe

i wanted to share 2 pictures i snagged last weekend while volunteering at our local humane society ..
Sarah, Mont and i spent the morning playing a new game .. you lay on the floor, yell "pup pup pup pup", and all the little puppies run over to give you some puppy love :)
i'd like to you meet Sarah and Mont, two of my most favorite employees at the shelter .. anybody who gets enjoyment out of laying on the floor to receive a little puppy attention is OK in my book LOL
and also meet Oso, Jo-Jo, Charlene, Mia and Taffy .. 5 absolutely adorable lab-chow mix puppies that we had the pleasure of healthchecking into adoption on saturday .. my life is so tough don't you think?

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