Saturday, 8 January 2005

just a bit of excitement to round out the week

its another rainy day here in sunny california but thats OK because i have plans for today that don't include getting soaked  

last week i joined .. a service similar to netflix except a couple of dollars a month cheaper .. of course being the forensic science nut that i am, the first 3 dvd's that i ordered are half of the first season of CSI Las Vegas .. as soon as we're done watching the 3 dvd's, we mail them back to blockbuster and they mail us 3 more .. all for $15 a month  

my son flew back to Hawaii yesterday morning after spending 21 days with us ::sigh::  

i had gotten my son a pretty nifty weatherproof digital camera for Christmas but since his computer is down he has no way of getting the pics from his camera .. i tried downloading the images to my computer and printing them but my printer kept jamming .. so i finally broke down and decided to try the Print Store on AOL .. i just selected the images that i want printed, filled out a bit of information and for $3.50 they're going to mail me prints .. i'll make sure and let y'all know if i spent my $3.50 wisely !!  

we had a rather exciting evening last night .. i had just arrived home from picking my daughter up from school and suddenly it felt and sounded like someone picked up our little cottage and dropped it .. both my daughter and i went running outside to find the entire neighborhood running up to the main street where we could hear people screaming and bits of debris floating in the sky  

a mere 1/2 block away, we saw smoke at the local exotic car dealership and within a few moments the entire building was engulfed in flames .. we learned later that 2 plumbers were working on the water heater, one mentioned that he smelled gas and then the entire building was demolished in an explosion .. one lady who happened to be standing out there when the explosion occurred said that the entire roof of the building went flying up into the air  

within minutes every available fire truck, engine, paramedic, ambulance and police cruiser arrived and blocked off the area and began fighting the fire .. 3 people were rushed off to the local burn center (the 2 plumbers were listed as critical)  

we saw the news footage a bit later that evening and the entire building was leveled in the explosion .. cars parked nearby had their windows broken from the force of the explosion .. thankfully there were no customers inside the dealership and as yet, no fatalities

even though they're a bit blurry, here are the pics i got with my cell phone

and how was your evening?

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