Friday, 28 January 2005

Headnoise revisited

i'm a product of my generation .. i hope Picture from Hometown

i console myself with thinking that i'm a product of my generation .. in high school, the guys took auto shop .. the girls took home economics .. that was the way things were supposed to be
i know absolutely nothing about cars .. what little i do know i've gained from watching the men in my life with their cars .. my brother had even tried to teach me a few things but lost his temper when i wouldn't stop cleaning his tools .. ok, so my priorities were a little skewed, but honestly, i didn't see how he could concentrate with every single tool being absolutely filthy and covered with dirt and oil

the only help i've gotten along the way was from the service station attendants .. reminding me to check my oil .. letting me know my battery was empty .. hey !!  empty of what?  nobody told me about batteries .. and now of course, service station attendants are a thing of the past and i'm on my own

i ruined my minivan .. i assumed that i was covered by modern technology and one of those little lights would come on when i needed to check the oil .. 50,000 miles later the light finally came on .. and now they tell me it was too late .. nobody told me i swear

so now i have a new truck and i've got the oil thing covered

my tires were looking a little low, so i bought a tire gauge and read the little book that came with my truck .. i even had one of my guy friends show me how to use the gauge .. i have realized how important those maintenance issues are and i'm not leaving anything to chance

the book said that i need 35 pounds hot or 32 pounds cold

i found the air pump at the service station  .. i even had those handy little wipes cause i knew i'd be getting my hands dirty

i tested the air from the pump but it felt "warm" so i wasn't sure how much to put in each tire .. the book said nothing about WARM air so rather than screw things up yet again i decided to admit i knew nothing and made a quick phone call to one of my guy friends

today i know the answer .. today i realize how stupid my question was .. but its too late to salvage my pride with my friend who thinks i'm a full blown helpless idiot of the female persuasion

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