Monday, 17 January 2005

Monday morning headnoise

i've been finding it extremely difficult to sit down and write a journal entry lately .. its been extremely hectic around these parts ..  i've been taking care of some long overdue issues .. add that to the fact that i'm now in the busiest time of year at the office and it breaks down to having so much head noise that its difficult to find anything interesting to write about in a public journal, let alone find the time to actually sit down long enough to actually concentrate on writing
~ we finally got my sons pictures back from AOL that were taken with his new digital camera .. and i can say now that i would definitely recommend the service .. they even emailed me a couple of days after i put in my order to let me know they'd been processed and mailed out .. just go to keyword: printstore !!
~ we're loving our new membership !!  it works out perfectly for us since we're more inclined to watch movies during the weekend .. i mail the 3 dvd's back on Monday and by the end of the week we've received 3 more .. my daughter and i have just finished watching all the dvd's from the first year of CSI and by the end of the week should have the first shows from the 2nd year safely in hand :)
~ i usually volunteer at the humane society on Sundays, but i'm switching back to Saturdays after one of the employees i've worked with for over a year requested that i change days so i can work with her in healthcheck on Saturdays .. last Saturday though, the shelter was shorthanded so they closed healthcheck .. not sure if i should even stick around or not, i asked the supervisor if they needed my help anywhere else so he assigned me to dog walking .. since the new shelter opened up in San Jose back in October, we have a LOT more room to house animals for as long as they need to find a home .. sadly what this translates into is that there are some dogs that are growing up in the shelter .. i made a quick list of the dogs that had been there the longest and then tried to spend at least 30 minutes with each, walking them around the facilities .. smelling, exploring and doing whatever else dogs are prone to do .. then we'd head off to the play yard for a few minutes to let them burn off some of their energy
4 hours later i was exhausted !!!  we have one rambunctious little boy, now 7 months old that has been at the shelter for 5 months .. his name (appropriately enough) is Spunky !! and he IS spunky .. you'd think he'd never been on a leash before .. we got quite a few laughs from the employees as he literally dragged me around the shelter in search of people to play with lol
i have to say out of the 8 dogs i walked that morning, Jack was my favorite .. he was very timid at first so i wasn't sure if he even wanted to go for a walk .. but a helpful employee decided to help us out and formally introduce us, so we were both more at ease
i snagged some pictures off of the Humane Society webpage of the dogs i got to spend time with Saturday :)

Name: Jack         ID#: 5714
Chow Chow Mix

I'm a little shy when meeting new people, but if they seem nice, I enjoy having them hold me and pet me. I love having them stroke my soft fur. I'm always quite calm and have usually lived in the house with my family and their cat. I know to sit and I come when called. I know I could be happy in any family that wanted a cuddly friend.

Name: Peter         ID#: 4731
Pit Bull

I'm a brown and white fellow with a lot of energy and I love to play fetch. I'm still young but I have already learned to sit when told and I come when called because that may mean we get to play a game. I'm quite strong, so I'd play best with older children, say 8 years or older.

Name: Puma         ID#: 5208
Dalmation Dog
Age: 4y                    Spayed Female

Puma is a speckled sweetheart who responds to the sit command. She is very affectionate and would be a great companion for any family.
Name: Spunky        ID#: 4963
Mastiff Mix

I have an abundance of energy and get very excited when I get to meet new people. I love to make new friends and they have been teaching me to sit, which is really fun as I get a yummy piece of meat when I sit. I always come when people call me, because you never know what good things they have. I'm looking for a family that will be patient with me and teach me new things.
~ i signed up to "google alerts" a few months back .. basically google searches for any reference to my journal on the internet and then emails me a notice .. up until now all i've received are notices of comments i've left in other peoples AOL journals where i provided the link to my journal lol
low and behold i actually got a notice yesterday of a reference to my journal outside AOL journals which quoted an entry i wrote about Atlas and food aggression .. i do believe this is the first time my journal has broken out of AOL journal land !!

here's the link .. - wfsection-Food Aggression

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