Tuesday, 5 October 2004

head noise du jour

my little one has caught the cold going around her school .. it starts out with a sore throat (the "worst sore throat she's ever had in her life") i'm wondering if i can still call her my little one since she's almost as tall as i am lol
i'm keeping my fingers crossed i don't catch this one .. its no fun being a nursemaid and being sick at the same time .. i'll probably end up running back to the office and picking up a few things so i can work at home if she decides shes too sick to go back to school today
i got a call last night from my son who is attending college in Hawaii .. he called right after he got his first tattoo finished .. he's been talking about getting a tatt since he was 13 or so and being a tattoo affectionado myself i could completely relate to his desire to add some permanent body art .. i was hoping i'd find an email from him this morning so i could see the piece he finally decided on .. all i really know is that its an octopus with a polynesian influence .. black and red .. on the outside of his left calf
he says he has a newfound respect for his momma (since i have 3 tattoos) i figure thats not such a bad thing !!
he swore me to secrecy .. his dad was visiting him last week and got himself a tattoo but told our son he didn't have the money to pay for another one .. i guess our son got tired of waiting for the tattoo his dad promised him almost 2 years ago and used some of his college funds to pay for the tattoo .. now i need to scrape up the money to pay for the tattoo .. my son told me to chill cause he's got it covered and not to worry about it .. i'm not worrying, exactly, but i figure it would be kinda cool to be able to say i paid for my sons first tattoo (i'm a weird kind of momma for sure lol)
i think both my children have always found it easy to confide in me .. i can't remember all the times they've started a conversation with "i know you're going to be upset but ..." or "don't tell dad but ..." .. there are times that they confide something i really could have gone the rest of my life not knowing .. i mean really !! what i don't know won't hurt me right? its difficult at times remembering that we have an agreement to go easy on the reprimand if they've been honest with me

like the phone call i got sunday morning from my daughter while i was at the Humane Society .. "mom, i know you're going to be upset but .. " and then she told me how she and her friend had just taken my son's beloved Cadi out for a little spin in the parking lot .. and after they parked it back in the driveway "it smelled like burnt gasoline" and a "whole bunch" of warning lights came on telling them to get the engine checked
::insert big mean momma growl::

his Cadi has got some major problems going on right now and until i get the money to fix some really expensive gasket its going to continue to have an oil leak .. and until i get the radiator replaced its going to leak coolant .. and yes, she did get scolded for doing something so idiotic .. and yes, now the keys to his car are hidden from my very adventurous (albeit honest) 13 year old daughter

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i've been spending time adding what recipes i can find from my mother's collection to my own recipe journal .. i've added an index, some backgrounds and graphics .. i am really pleased with the way that its turning out .. i don't know why i didn't think of having an index sooner .. it really was getting difficult to locate any of the recipes since they've gone to that notorious older entry archive
i would really love some feedback if anyone gets a chance to stop by and check it out :)

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i've also been updating my AOL Journal Hints & Tricks, including an index of the entries ..

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and last but not least .. a huge thanks to Amy (Donah42) from hippies in yuppieland 
who graciously combed through the AOL Journal Directory and located all the links to deleted journals .. the Directory has now been cleaned up !!  i still can't believe she volunteered to go through that massive list !!  Thank You Amy !!!
on that note .. its time to check on my little one to find out if she's well enough to go back to school this morning :)

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