Saturday, 29 May 2004

Journal Directory updated !!

i've updated my AOL Journal Directory again this weekend .. feel free to stop by and check out any of the 565 AOL Journals now listed alphabetically by screen name (as of monday morning make that 570 journals !)
the most current additions are indicated in bold
if you look carefully you'll notice a lot more journals from the UK .. appears our friends have found their way over the ocean lol
feel free to drop me an email if you find any links that need to be deleted or if you have a journal that you'd like to have added to the list !!
(and no, i haven't stopped using my "permanent" introduction entry .. i just can't copy it to the top entry until AOL fixes its most current install that makes some entries appear in html code !)
i hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend !!  i know i will !!  you can find me out in my front yard enjoying the beautiful lawn and flowers !!
sending you all hugs and thank you all for continuing to leave me the most supportive comments

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