Friday, 30 July 2004

Index of my historical (hysterical?) tour of the beginnings of AOL Journals

well finally and about time, here is my own contribution to the celebration of the first anniversary of AOL Journals
take my hand please, together, lets take a step back in time .. to the beginning .. well, not THE beginning, just the beginning of AOL Journals lol
stopping along the way to highlight a few notable "firsts"

this is a series of 10 entries, each one linked in the Index shown below .. hopefully you will find something of interest to you .. i am going to apologize NOW for the fact that i know its going to take some of you quite a long time for the graphics and links to appear .. hopefully you'll feel its worth your time to skip down memory lane with me :)
most of all, thank you to each and every one of you that stops by to share my Head Noise this week
and a VERY special thanks to all the Journalers who made this possible by contributing their time and running around J-Land in search of entries to contribute to this historical tour of AOL Journals

Ann et al - Aynetal3

Kathy - Onestrangecat
Mary - Alphawoman1

Vivian -
Gregg - GoldenchildNC
John G. - (no aol journal)
and of course, our very own Journals Editor who so patiently put up with all my questions in search for the earliest Editors Picks !!

INDEX OF NOTABLE FIRSTS (click the links provided to take you directly to the entry)
      AOL Introduces Us to Mr Scalzi
Weekend Assignment #1Early Editors PicksAOL Journals Message Board
First AOL Group Devoted to Journaling
Earliest Use of Journal Functions
        Animated Gifs
        Audio Entry
        Video Entry
Graphic in All About Me Section
Sound File Linked
Earliest Discovered AOL Journaler Hoax
     Journal Entries Receiving the Most Comments in a Single Entry      First Journals Awards by an individual
      First Journal Awards by a group

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