Friday, 30 July 2004

Meet Mr. "AOL Answer Man" Sculzi

Scalzi Announces ~ he’s going to blog for AOL !!Saturday, August 7, 2003
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AOL Introduces us to John Scalzi !!Wednesday, August 20, 2003
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Who Is This John Scalzi Person?

   John Scalzi was born on May 10, 1969, although his own memory of the event is sketchy and he has to go by what others tell him of the event. He grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and like many people his age from that area, had entire conversations that consisted of nothing more than variably-inflected uses of the word "dude." After graduating from the Webb School of California in 1987, he went to the University of Chicago, conveniently located in Chicago, where for the first time he saw buildings older than he was.

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Friday, April 16, 2004

3:58:00 PM EDT

Your Weekend Assignment #1: 25 (or 10) Random Facts

As part of the continuing effort to do more fun and interesting things here at By The Way and in AOL-J, I've decided to launch a new feature: Your Weekend Assignment. The idea is to create a sort of fun communal activity for AOL Journalers that we can all work on over the weekend. This is directly inspired by things like Friday Five, in which thousands of Journalers and bloggers take on the same five questions every week -- but will be a little different in that instead of questions every week, we'll mix it up and do some other things as well. Variety, you see. We're all about the variety.

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