Thursday, 27 May 2004

i have a friend

once our new driveway was finally finished it was time to work on the landscaping .. i figured best case, i'd get lawn seed and a few plants thrown in  
since i have a friend who owns his own landscape company he was the first person i called .. i explained that my landlord wasn't exactly eager to be spending more money on the yard but if he worked up some figures and he'd be willing to accept payments, maybe we could work something out ..
throw a little seed in .. add some plants and i'd be happy
had i known everything was going to happen so quickly i would have been out in our yard with the camera just a bit earlier (rummaging through my pictures, the only real "before" picture i could find of the yard was while they were removing the old driveway earlier)
2 days later he had a crew out digging up the existing "lawn" .. i have that in quotes as in actuality, it was nothing but those little plants that have burrs .. a few exotic weeds .. i even think i saw an actual blade of "grass" out there a few years ago
a few days later i came home to find the crew back at work spraying roundup and digging these little ditches for an irrigation system with an automatic timer !!
then the trucks showed up with 2 loads of topsoil .. then they were hard at work planting a few shrubs along the walkway and around the tree
this week they arrived with the sod (not seeds mind you, but actual grass!)  
this is our new front yard, courtesy of my friend .. its a dream come true for us and has left my daughter and i feeling as if we won an extreme home makeover !!       
and the bill?  the numbers my friend was going to get together for me?  all he's kept saying is "don't worry .. you'll be happy"  
he was right !! i'm happy !!

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