Thursday, 13 May 2004

too many gateway sessions?!? Journal entry/comment notifications

so wassup with my ftp space these days?

for the last week every single time i attempt to access my ftp space or even the anonymous ftp space, i get a "too many gateway sessions" window

i've checked the message boards and apparently none of the techs knows whats going on

i did see a message from an aol member that this message was simply "a busy signal" and to keep trying .. well i've "kept trying" for a week with no success


i switched over to another screen name, got the same error message, so i switched over to my daughters screen name and was successful accessing the ftp space for that screen name .. so i quickly switched over to this screen name and ta da .. it finally let me in without that annoying error message

i've tried it several times now and i've had success each time

i wonder whats up with the "too many gateway sessions" and why switching screen names apparently fixes the problem

on another note .. apparently a lot of aol members are having problems with receiving notices for new journal entrys and comments
not only have i had issues with notices not being received on updated journals, i'm no longer getting notices on comments received ..
i don't think the issues are with journals as i have also received a notice for a cancellation for an amber alert but never received the original alert to begin with
the only suggestion i've seen so far is to reset the notice options, which i've done, but alas i'm still not receiving any notices for journals
i just hope they get this fixed soon as i've grown lazy and dependent on these new little notices

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