Friday, 26 December 2003

Sharing cookie recipes

bet y'all thought i've been goofing off this morning eh? lol
well i didn't sleep in and i haven't been slacking in my journal "duties"
what i have been doing is updating my Recipe collection with a few of my favorite christmas cookie recipes (along with pictures of course)
i know i'm late with the recipes and i apologize but i've got the next week off of work and guess what we'll be doing starting later this afternoon?
you got it .. we're baking cookies .. lots and lots of delicious cookies
all the recipes have been tested and out of the hundreds of cookies i've baked, these 9 recipes have made it to the top of my all time favorite cookie list
i'd be hard pressed to pick one favorite .. each one is unique and delicious
but if you insist ..  i'm going to pick the 2-Tone Cookies as my all time favorite .. of course thats the only recipe missing a picture .. these cookies are soft and chewy .. the first time i baked them i only baked one recipe (about 2 dozen) which weren't nearly enough .. so of course i double or triple the recipe now
i hope you enjoy and please let me know how they turned out if you decide to bake a few batches [the link actually works]
My Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

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