Wednesday, 24 December 2003

Question of The Day

~ i am sitting here now needing to tell my AOL-J friends how much you all add to my life .. the comments you've each left for me in my journal .. the encouragement and support you shown to me is invaluable and such a wonderful part of my life .. the email that i receive that shows me that you really do appreciate it when i try to help you in some small way .. even if i don't have the answers

i don't think i could ask for a better group of friends than yourselves .. thank you so much

~ i have you as my friends. i am surrounded by loving family, i live with a house full of cats each bursting with personality, i have been blessed with the best children anyone could possibly hope for .. i have angels that protect me, i have a massage waiting for me in the *very* near future, my house is clean and i have a fridge full of leftovers just begging to be finished !!

which brings me to my question of the day ..
does life get any better than this?

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