Friday, 26 December 2003

last night i had a dream

and such a wonderful dream it was ::sigh::

i dreamt that i woke up this morning and it was february 2004 and low and behold the 2,500 character text limit in journal entries and the 1,000 character limit in the All About Me section had been removed  .. hahaha

its now the day after Christmas .. i haven't written in my journal for 2 days and there is NO way i'm getting all this head noise out of my head and into my journal in less than 2,500 characters .. no freaking way

condense .. edit .. summarize .. delete .. i'm weary and i haven't even started yet

~ has anyone else in AOL-J land heard of this "short tag" thing?  i know its big over in yahoo groups where they have a limit on the group description .. a lot of people take advantage of this short tag thing to get around the limit .. its foreign to me and i'm not even quite sure what its called .. maybe someone with more savvy than myself can figure it out and pass along the information?

that said .. here i go .. attempting to empty my head of the noise that has accumulated over the past 2 days ..

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