Friday, 26 December 2003

head noise from my holiday - part II

~ my daughter spent monday and tuesday with her father .. i was expecting her home tuesday afternoon and i was just a tad disappointed when she called to let me know she was spending yet another night with her dad .. then my son got on the phone and asked if i wanted to "hang" with him .. i told him i'd love to as long as he brought a few hungry friends to chow down on the mexican feast i had prepared for the evening

dinner disappeared in a way that only 3 teenage boys can accomplish while we played our little games of "do you remember when .. " .. i've known these young men for 6 years and we never seem to run out of experiences to remember and laugh about

after dinner one of his friends washed all the dishes while the rest of us sat around drinking coffee and smoking cigars .. soon it was time for them to take off and do what 18 year old boys do ..

hugs all around while his friends made sure it was ok if they came back to visit after my son heads back to Hawaii

~ my son loved his new dice that we purchased for him .. some amber dice from poland along with a pair of sterling silver dice in their own little silver cage

he thinks he's bringing some of his dice collection home with him to hawaii .. i told him i'd pick a few out that i was willing to part with .. me thinks he quickly discovered how possessive i am of his collection .. "gee thanks mom" he laughingly replied with raised eyebrows

he should be thankful i let him sit in his car for a few minutes

these kids .. so unappreciative nowadays

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