Friday, 26 December 2003

head noise from my holiday part III

~ i suppose i would be neglectful if i failed to mention the gifts i  received from my children eh? lol  my son made me a bracelet .. its an angel receptor that he tells me will keep me safe ::big happy mother sigh:: and from my daughter i received a gift certificate for a facial and massage at a local day spa .. i'm calling them today to make an appointment !!

~ my young nephew Michael graced us with his own rendition of KC and the Sunshine Band .. running around the house, singing at the top of his lungs .. "do a little dance, make a little lunch .. get down tonight .. uh huh .. get down tonight"

we tried so hard not to laugh aloud and give away his tiny little mistake .. i do believe i like his own personal rendition better lol

~ way back i wrote a series in my journal, entitled "Beyond Disneyland" about my experiences when my 2 nieces lived with us for 6 months when they were younger .. today my niece Sue Sue (sorry, Susan) is now 20 years old and has an 11 month old son Tyler

two days ago she separated from her sons father so i invited to stay with us while she gets her life back in order .. of course i checked with my daughter first to make sure she was willing to move out of her bedroom for "awhile" .. thankfully there are some things she doesn't share with her father and told me "of course Mom .. if family needs a place to live, that is what OUR home is for"

then she promptly went into her room and cleaned it up, moving her stuff into my bedroom

my daughter is so excited at the prospect of being able to spend time with her "favorite cousin" and at having a baby in the house

its going to be cramped here for awhile .. but thats ok with all of us .. at least we're able to help out and give my niece and her son a home .. cause thats what being "family" is all about

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