Friday, 26 December 2003

headnoise from my holiday - part 1

~ i had a wonderful christmas eve with my children .. we opened our gifts, dined on a delicious ham dinner and then my son took off to a party

he called a few hours later making sure if he decided to drink alcohol that i'd be ok with fetching him after the party so he wouldn't have to drive

thats the deal we've had and i was so pleased he remembered and decided to take me up on it
~ i am seeing changes in my daughter that warm my heart to no end .. in her own way she is such a giving and caring little soul .. i see her face light up when her brother teases her about how he's going to end the life of any boy that she gets involved with .. calling her brother to make sure he's coming back home to spend the night and then setting a bed for him so he doesn't need to worry about it when he arrives home

i've missed her so much the past few days .. when she wakes up this morning i plan on wrapping my arms around her and holding her while i let her know how much i value her in my life

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