Sunday, 22 February 2004

an update on Bubba

ahhh .. its sunday   since i got most of my household chores done

  yesterday morning before i ran off to the shelter for a few hours, today i get to concentrate on the 2 boxes of work i brought home from the office .. lucky me eh

my daughter is off spending the day with her Aunt so the distractions have been narrowed down from 6 to 5 (mocha, bubba, momma, sad eyes and sherbert)

    i brought bubba to his regular vet on wednesday to have the drain removed .. when i explained to dr williams that the antibiotics were really upsetting his tummy she recommended i change antibiotics .. at which point i cringed and asked how much they cost .. she excused herself from the exam room and brought me back enough samples to get him through the rest of the week .. at NO charge !!

i apologized and explained that i normally wasn't that cheap but the emergency visit on sunday had drained my account .. his temp was normal, his weight was just a few ounces shy of 14 pounds .. he still has to wear his lampshade since the stitches won't come out until this wednesday .. so other than being completely upset with me, he's recovering nicely

after his visit i handed over my atm card to the receptionist .. i wasn't even aware i was holding my breath waiting for the final tally until she gave me the total of our visit .. $25 !!
now THAT is a vet bill i can live with lol

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