Wednesday, 18 February 2004

AOL Journals updates

an even more exciting update !! journals beta is scheduled to be released tomorrow at 2 pm EST !!! be still my heart lol
well it appears that the upcoming journal beta release first scheduled for feb 11th, then feb 16th just isn't cooperating and i guess has its own idea when it should be ready for release (which in itself confirms my belief that our journals are of the female persuasion lol)
you can read more about it here .. AOL JOURNALS by AOL HOMETOWN
even though i'm more than ready for the updates to AOL Journals, i'd rather have them keep it to themselves for as long as they need to make sure that the majority of the bugs in our current journals are worked out
with the current problems of AOL by phone and now with images disappearing in You've Got Pictures due to hardware problems, i'd say the staff has their work cut out for them
i've read that they're hoping for a March release on the finished New & Improved Journals .. i'm hoping beta testers will be able to get their hands on the beta version for more than a few days before the general release
in other news (hehe) i received a reply from AOLHometown on the font issue .. it appears that they are aware that a few of us still are unable to use the size 12 font and they're working on it and its now been added to the list of known issues
you can read more about that here .. AOL Journals ~ known issues

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