Monday, 16 February 2004

bubba is home

i tried to get a picture of bubba's pathetic little face, but he's not happy & won't look at me

Picture from Hometown

i got bubba home late last night .. wearing his silly little collar, he spent the night bumping into furniture and missing getting through doorways by mere inches .. i swear if my heart wasn't breaking for him i would have laughed  

sad eyes and sherbert accepted his new gadget immediately .. his momma freaked out, so i ended up keeping her in my room with me last night so bubba didn't have to worry about his momma jumping his ass

of course bubba isn't allowed outside .. which means none of the cats can go outside .. NONE of my cats are happy campers this morning

bubba had a scratch on his face that caused the infection .. had it been because of an abscessed tooth, he would have needed further treatment .. as it stands now, he needs to take antibiotics for a week and have the drain and stitches taken out in 3 days

all of my cats have had free roam since they were born .. and its costing me an arm and a leg keeping them healthy .. we still have 2 feral cats in the neighborhood .. both of them from one of mommas earlier litters .. although they come home to eat they have refused human contact

since bubba hasn't shown much interest in being an outdoor cat since he was neutered, i was a bit surprised that he ended up getting into a scrape with one of them .. until last night .. while i was waiting to hear from the vet to find out when bubba could be released, i walked out into our living room and startled Tails (one of the feral cats) .. i guess he's taken a liking to lounging in our living room and wasn't expecting to see me up so late

he hightailed it out the kitty door that momma made a few years ago and i quickly closed up the opening trapping all my cats indoors and keeping the ferals from making themselves at home

thankfully my daughter will be home from school all week so she can keep an eye on bubba while he recovers .. i have a feeling its going to be a long week

oh !! and i realized now why they do a "high/low" cost estimate at the vets .. so when the final price ends up being in the middle, people can go "oh good!! it wasn't as much as i had planned" lol

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