Tuesday, 17 February 2004

i'm learning

i’ve learned a lot in the past few days:
~ what it means when the vet says "these antibiotics will give bubba an upset stomach"

~ how quickly a small cottage becomes even smaller when 5 cats are forced (for the first times in their lives) to stay indoors

~ how to become a referee since momma has been scared out of her wits by bubbas new collar and now growls and hisses at everyone that comes near her

~ that a plastic collar rubbing against a wooden door in the middle of the night makes a LOT of noise .. i've learned why bubba felt the need to come into my room in the middle of the night .. it means "i've still got an upset tummy and you need to wipe me after I’m done"

i've learned that once bubba has filled up the litter box, its a call to the other cats .. THIS is where you poop .. they immediately lined up to take turns

i've learned how quickly an "upset tummy" can smell up a rather small cottage extremely quickly

i think it was a plan .. devised in the middle of the night by my 5 cats

"bubba .. you wake her up in the early hours of the morning .. we need to act quickly before she wakes up entirely .. once we have her attention, we'll all line up to poop .. after we're done, mom will want to put the litter box outside .. when she opens the back door, we all converge on her to make our escape .. if we're quick one or two of us might be able to gain our freedom"

they made a mistake deciding to let bubba ("our little lamp" as my daughter has so aptly renamed him) lead the way in their grand escape plan .. forgetting that he can't see to get through a doorway without it getting stuck on his collar effectively blocking them all from escaping

i can still move pretty damn quick even at 3 am .. yea, so i was forced to quickly toss the litterbox out the back door where it landed upside down on the patio while simultaneously herding cats back into the house with my feet .. but i succeeded in squashing their escape plan

i'm stopping by the pet supply store and getting bubba a leash and harness .. so tomorrow morning when he so rudely "knocks" on my bedroom door, i'm taking him outside

cause i've also learned that certain "things" have NO place in a small cottage .. not at 3 am .. not a 6 am .. not ever

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