Saturday, 14 February 2004

my valentines day part 1

my 4 hours at the humane society yesterday were the most rewarding so far .. not that there is anything i can put my finger on specifically, its more that i go home and know that i did my best and my efforts are appreciated

i pretty much know the routines .. i know what is needed and i can anticipate what needs to be done without having to be asked

sitting here writing about my day i realized that the gals that i work with get credit for making my day so rewarding .. Sara's comment that she wished i worked all day instead of 4 hours .. Cassandra's comment that she can tell that i'm having a great time as i'm running around trying to make things just a bit easier for the employees

i almost made it through the morning without realizing it was Valentines Day

when i got home my daughter and i rushed off to get color for our hair and found a nifty little facial kit .. we spent the afternoon doing girl stuff and feeling just a little bit more glamorous

the little darling then made me a valentines dinner which consisted of egg salad sandwiches and chocolate covered bananas for desert !!

to cap off a perfectly good day my son called us from hawaii to wish us happy valentines day .. it was probably one of the longest calls we shared since he headed off to college in august

he's was psyched about his date last night .. after his first and only girlfriend broke his heart at christmas he was never going to date again .. it was a relief knowing his heart has recovered enough to get back in the game

i told him that i was so proud of his grades last semester (he pulled off a 3.25 gpa) and i noticed that his classes are more difficult this semister .. since he's pursuing sports medicine, he's loading up advanced mathematics, psychology and physical science .. its no wonder i don't see him spending a lot of time online chatting !!

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