Monday, 23 May 2005


my journal has finally reached the milestone of 30,000 visitors !!  yea yea i know .. kinda sappy i know, but still !!
thank you so much to ALL the readers who've visited my journal since July 20, 2003 !!
and especially, a huge thanks to my distinguished milestone visitor ..
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Just One Girls Head Noise
Monday Photo Shoot : Night Scenes
Comment from: plittle
Well, I had something very clever to say, until I found out that I had been beaten to it. Three or four times.

and now for something even more sappy .. i'm saving this screen shot as proof cause i plan on taking down my tracker/counter from .. even though i still don't trust the counter supplied by aol not to reset to zero again, i really would like to put something more interesting in my all about me section

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