Monday, 29 August 2005

day 67 or something

i swear i'm going to try to make this short today .. i have a ton of work piling up from the office and my next chemo date is coming up too quickly for my comfort .. in the past few days i've been using up all available energy writing in my journal and calling my mom and family .. today i need to refocus and get some office work done as those deadlines are approaching very quickly!!

my sister, Susie came to rescue me yesterday .. removing all the leftovers from my fridge (since i simply cannot stand the smell of food in my fridge)  and then she went to work on my to-do list and did the rest of my shopping while i slept .. can you believe what a gracious host i am?  she drives 40 minutes, arrives bearing gifts and housecleaning supplies and i take a nap lol

which is odd, because when i'm alone, i cannot nap .. i rest, i close my eyes, but if i don't take an anti-anxiety pill, there is NO way i can nap .. unless there is someone else in my house

and my house is spotless ::big sigh of relief:: not that i was some super extraordinary housekeeper before all of this .. but at least before, i would have cleaned up before my sister arrived ;-)

y'all know i adopt homeless cats right?  y'all know that all the cats were born and raised outside before i got my hands on them .. not one indoor cat owns me .. the oldest of our cats, momma skittles, removed the metal grating from the vent in the laundry room and now all the cats use it as a kitty door .. and they all come and go as they please

well, except our big boy, Mocha Stud .. he's probably close to 35 pounds now and can't get his huge ass through the tiny vent hole .. so he stands outside my window and calls me to open the door should he want to sleep on my bed for a few days :)

and y'all know that i live in a orchard right?

see .. down there .. the orchard i live in is at the upper left corner .. and just so you're not fooled into believing i live in the boonies .. i've made sure and included the nearest freeway interchanges (we call those which-way-bridges in my family lol)

oh .. and if you want your own map .. you can download the coolest program free from

my kitties keep the orchards clear of vermin, varmints and critters

several months after i moved into our tiny little cottage, the prior resident stopped by .. oh so casually he asks "so what do you think of all the mice?" .. "MICE?" i wailed?  come to find out, when he was living here (and before my next door neighbor was the proud owner of 10 cats that they no longer wanted) he goes on to tell me that when he lived in my cottage, they would get 20 - 30 mice a day running through .. i've been here 5 years and have had ZERO live ones run through .. i do however have to deal with dead ones, parts of dead ones and those smart ones that just "play dead" until i rescue them .. thankfully we've had no activity in the pest area since my chemo started

until yesterday morning when i discovered critter parts in my kitchen, i freaked out .. 100% total hysteria .. i think i even threatened to kill my cats .. so Sister Susie calmed me down, had me throw a towel over the creature .. and immediately, momma, who is also known as the "feline shredder" runs over thinking "OH Goody !! more paper for me to shred !!"

actually, i have a picture of shredder momma .. she got ahold of a paper bag, shredded it so carefully and then made a bed out of it lol

so i scream and then grab a bowl to throw over the entire mess until my sister could arrive a few hours later

oh .. by the way .. Susie? if you're reading this, there is yet another critter this morning .. not parts .. the entire huge friggin creature .. on my kitchen rug .. and i don't know if he's dead cause he's not in parts .. but he's safely (?) covered by tupperware so in case he IS still alive he'll be fresh by the time i can find someone to rescue me ::sigh:: yet again

my niece Sue-Sue (no, thats her nickname .. to distinguish her from Aunt Susie and wife-in-ex-law Suzan) dropped by yesterday afternoon since they were driving right by my house so i called and asked them to drop by .. she had my nephew Michael, his friend, and her son Ty-Ty

(Sue-Sue and my other niece Jen are the daughters of Aunt Susie's fraternal twin sister, Charlene)

yes, i know this gets complicated .. but i DO have 7 siblings so it will get even more complicated lol

i even made sure and got my nieces permission to put a picture of her in myjournal .. (hehe .. she just didn't say EXACTLY which picture i could put so i left it to my own discretion)

i've decided to post 2 pictures .. the first, i am smiling, she's not smiling but looking all cute and stuff

the second picture, i look like a creature from a scary movie BUT the camera caught her laughing at something .. i think she looks better when she is smiling so i included that picture too

i had thoughts of just editing myself out of the picture so y'all wouldn't have to see how ill looking i've become in the past 10 days .. but ya know .. thats how i look ::shrugging::  i may as well get used to it i guess and besides .. i can delete comments that are unflattering hehe

oh, and before i end this journal entry cause i'm getting a migraine in my right eye and i can barely make out letters any longer.. here is a cute pic (hope you can make it out) of my nieces son, and friend, playing a weird form of Twister :)

oh .. no cancer or chemo talk today .. i'll make sure and fill y'all in on all those wonderful details later :) xoxoxox

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