Thursday, 12 May 2005

countdown to Mother's day

ok .. i know "officially" Mother's Day was sunday .. but i decided to take a rain check

i'm counting down till the days my 20 year old son arrives home from hawaii after completing his 2nd year of college
6 days and counting !!

i haven't seen my boy since Christmas .. 5 months .. 5 very long months

ask me if i'm just a little excited !!!

he's hoping to stay for just a few weeks and then head back to hawaii .. a few weeks .. a few days .. hell, i've got withdrawal and i'd settle for a few glorious hours with my boy

since he went back to school shortly after Christmas, he's celebrated his 20th birthday .. i've celebrated my 48th birthday .. mothers day has come and gone .. nobody asked, but it pretty much felt like every other day to me .. there was still laundry to be done .. dishes to be washed .. cats to be fed .. carpets to be vacuumed .. and so forth and so on

still i'm a proud momma .. my baby boy is finishing up his 2nd year of college .. in a few short months my baby girl will be heading off to high school where i've decided to enroll her in "How not to lose your cellphone 101"
"mom .. i pretty much plan on staying with you (instead of with dad) when i come home this summer" my son told me this weekend, wanting to know if that was ok ..
hmmmm .. let me think about it !!

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